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What is Appetizing?

Appetizing.  What a wonderful word!  It conjures all kinds of delicious ideas of yummy food, or simply said, something that envokes a desire to eat. Appetizing, an adjective.

However, the word Appetizing can also be used as a noun, a type of food genre.  Wikipedia defines the noun as "food that goes on bagels."  Fara's grandparents, Norman and Helene ran an Appetizing store in Brooklyn, then Oceanside, NY and the food and culture she learned there is deep-rooted and rich.  

For Fara and Uri, both born and raised in metro NY, the word means weekend mornings and holidays with the family. Top Nosh is a delicious nod to their heritage and perhaps the truest Jewish comfort food.

A word coined by Eastern European Jewish Immigrants in NY at the turn of the 20th century, Appetizing helped differentiate the deli (with meat like pastrami and corned beef) from a place only serving dairy and fish.

Appetizing includes smoked lox, white fish, sable, herring, along with other staples like tuna, egg salad, cream cheeses, pickles, knishes, and of course, bagels, bialys, and sweets like babka, mondel brot, and rugelach. 

So yes, Appetizing is not just a description of food, but rather a type of food.  Once you have some of our appetizing on our real NY bagels, your Portland weekends will never be the same.