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Our Story

How many times have you heard a Portlander complain, “You can’t get real New York bagels out here!” Long-time friends and native New Yorkers, Fara Heath and Uri Kushner, have lived in Portland, OR for many years.  Frankly, too many years to go without good NY bagels.

So, we took our New York, never-say-no attitude, and fixed this terrible problem ourselves.

Finally, we’ve unlocked the secret to delivering "Top Nosh" bagels to our favorite west coast city, better than any that have come before us: Boil them in New York, then bake them in Portland. 

A dream for both Uri and Fara, Top Nosh delivers true, freshly baked New York bagels, to bring you a truly authentic NY bagel without paying the crazy shipping costs or settling for something sub-par. And, what’s a good bagel without good appetizing? You know, that delectable array of salads and schmears and smoked fish that you fondly remember from your childhood back in the old country (New York, that is).


Fara sure knows a thing or two about it. Her family owned a popular appetizing store in Brooklyn (ground zero for the bagel and appetizing world), and when the store moved to Long Island, Fara spent many an hour behind the counter, helping her grandparents, Helene and Norman Feig, run the business. Uri, brings not only his love of food and his NY Roots, but also 25 years of food-industry experience, from fine dining to neighborhood deli and everything in between.

For Fara and Uri, the classic bagels-and-appetizing spread is nothing less than a taste of home--a delight they wanted to share with their own families in Portland. They wanted the real thing, so they set out to make it happen. Now, with that mission accomplished, they’re ready to share it with you, too.

Is it the New York water that makes a bagel special? Is it the New York attitude? We don’t know for sure, but we’ve got both! Don’t believe us? Try for yourself, and experience the difference!