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Other Questions

I've had some really good bagels in Portland.  What makes your bagels different?

Our bagels are not local- and we are actually quite proud of that fact.  The classic NY bagel is something New Yorkers take for granted.  Big, fluffy, crisp on the outside, chewy in the middle, a bagel should take some effort to eat, but is worth every bite!  We, the owners of Top Nosh grew up with the luxury of bagels shops on every corner and miss it terribly now that we have been residents of Portland for more than 15 years.  We have been saying for years, you simply can't get a real NY bagel anywhere but NY.  So we set out to fix that problem.  We partnered with a bagel company on Long Island and have our bagels made and boiled in NY (it's the water, right?). They are then shipped to us frozen and we bake them here for perfect crispy, chewy, super-fresh bagels that simply can't be beat.

How do I make my bagels last as long as possible?

If you have the will power not to eat all your bagels within the first day or two, we recommend putting remainders in a plastic bag, closed tight-- they will keep that way for up to 3 months.  When you are ready to eat them, simply pop one in the oven at 475-500 degrees for 3-4 mins minutes and serve up a perfectly warm, crispy, chewy bagel any time!  

What else do you sell?

While our bagels are perfectly delicious straight out of the bag, completing your bagel with Appetizing is the best way to have the full Top Nosh experience.  Appetizing (and our menu) includes things like a variety of cream cheese flavors, tuna, whitefish, egg salad, lox, and in the future we hope to add things like pickles, knishes, and rugelach. With each new pop-up we hope to add some new Appetizing and bagel options to our menu.

Are you going to do more pop-ups?

We hope so!  We are starting with a pop-up format to see if Portland really cares as much as we do about having real NY bagels and nosh.  We have a feeling that as soon as we give you a taste, there will be no turning back and more pop-ups and even catering platters will be available in the future.